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E Safety Crew

Our dedicated E-Safety Crew have been chosen by peers and staff to work together to tackle digital issues, lead assemblies and workshops on different aspects online safety so that all children in school develop a secure understanding and awareness of our to stay safe in the digital world.

Each half term we deliver assemblies which focus on different aspects of the Digital Literacy Curriculum and everyday digital issues.

Spring term

This half term our federation is holding Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 5th February. Each year we take part in this national event to raise even more awareness of how to stay safe and protect ourselves online and also how to monitor how much time we do spend online. The theme for this year is: Together for a better internet.

Our E-Safety Crew will help Mrs Close launch the event  during assembly and will help their peers in class when delivering the planned activities. Each class are also creating a pledge on how to work together for a better internet which will be displayed outside each classroom. We will also upload them here to our blog.

For more information on Safer Internet Day please visit

In KS2 this half term, Mrs Close held an assembly about managing our time online efficiently. Some of us feel (parents too) that we spend too long online, especially playing on our gaming devices. We explored some of the symptoms of spending too much time online such as headaches, tiredness, difficulty sleeping and not spending as much time with friends and family. We came up with a good solution of starting to allocate a certain amount of time e.g. a set number of hours per week where we go online and will also schedule in days or night after school where we take part in our other hobbies or start a new one.

Autumn term

This term, the E-Safety Crew focused on keeping personal information such as name, address, numbers and passwords safe and explored the ways in which we can protect this information online.

We also have some top tips on how to prevent cyberbullying online and what to do if you receive any negative or hurtful comments.

These are our top tips:

1. Tell and adult. Don’t suffer in silence. You can also report nasty messages online.

2. Block the person.

3. Don’t retaliate or respond to the messages.

3. Screenshot any nasty or abusive messages as evidence.

4. Make sure your internet settings are up to date and safe to protect you online from strangers.

5. Make sure you think before you post, as once it isn’t online it stays there.

6.Don’t post personal information about yourself.

Please feel free to view our Online Safety page if you want to read some further advice about staying safe online or on apps.

We hope you enjoyed our blog!

E-Safety Crew.

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