Pelton Community Primary School

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School Council

Welcome to our Student Council!

Meet Our Student Council:

  • Year 1- Olivia, Lyla and Noah
  • Year 2- Anneka and Jacob
  • Year 3/4- Calvin-John, Ellie-Mae and Lilly
  • Year 5-  Mason
  • Year 6-  William and Sienna

What We Do

Each month the school council meet and discuss what we can do to help our school and community. We share ideas, make plans and set tasks to help us achieve our goals.

Star Table

Every three weeks, the School Council hold their ‘Star table’ event at lunchtime in the school hall.

As part of the ‘Star table’, children who have worked hard across all areas of school, are invited to eat their lunch at the ‘Star table’ with our special guests. Special guests may include teachers, governors, teaching assistant and visitors from the community.

That’s not all though! The lucky children who are selected for the ‘star table’ have their lunch served by our very own waiters – the school council!

The Parish Bench

As part of some funding received by the parish council. The school council helped to open a new sitting bench outside of our school along the walking path. People on their walks can now enjoy the use of the bench.

Our New Fence

As part of our ‘Keeping Children Safe’ campaign, the children wanted to make our grown ups aware of the dangers when parking outside of our school gates. The children decided they would like to make some signs to encourage our parents to think before they park. The aim was to try and encourage our parents to park in a more convenient and safe place to ensure the safety of all of our children in school. They designed posters and we placed them outside of the school gates. After only a days, we had managed to secure a meeting with our local councilors, Alison Batey and Danny Woods, who informed us that they were so impressed with our campaign, that they would like to erect a fence in place of our posters to ensure no-one would park unsafely again. We received funding from the council and our local parish council. Over the February half term the council worked hard to ensure our beautiful fence was ready for us returning. What an achievement! We are so proud of ourselves!


Dojo Reward System 

As part of our whole school Dojo reward system, the school council met to discuss ideas for our top prizes. We decided that the children would earn prizes after hitting a certain milestone (50 points- Bonze, 120 points- Silver and 250 points-Gold)

The children worked in pairs looking through catalogues and the internet and then discussed what prizes we thought were suitable for each milestone. The children then handed the list to Mrs Telfer and Mrs Tyrens for further discussion. They children are now enjoying earning dojos and are working hard to reach their rewards.


The school council are in the process of working with Mrs Gardner and Mrs Tyrens to develop our OPAL area outside.


New College Durham Academies Trust

The focus on Excellence underpins all that we do whether in learning areas, working within the communities we serve or governing and leading our Academies.

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