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Geography at Pelton Community Primary School

Similarly to Science and History, Geography is taught through an enquiry-based approach. Children explore, investigate and answer questions in order to gain knowledge and understanding of a given topic, local, national or worldwide. Each topic helps to build upon children’s current knowledge and skills. The teacher plans for cross-curricular links across other subjects such as Art and Design to enhance this learning further. A wide range of visits and visitors support this learning.

Please take a look at our long term plan in Geography to see what we are covering in each year group from Nursery to Year 6.

Geography long term plan

Please take a look at the coverage and progression in Geography in the document below.

Geography coverage and progression at Beamish and Pelton Primary School

Geography in the EYFS

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum supports children’s understanding of geography through the planning and teaching of ‘Understanding the World’. Children learn about features of their own environment such as school, home, community and their local area through first-hand experiences and learn how environments may differ through the sharing of books, stories, poems, small world play, role play and visits. Children enjoy the valuable experiences gained from our regular trips to places within their local community such as the library, park and local shops. Children are given time to discuss, comment and ask questions about what they observe about the world around them and are encouraged to be active learners and explore their interests further.

Geography in the KS1/KS2

For each of the units, we have created Knowledge Organisers to highlight the key concepts, facts and vocabulary that our children will know and understand by the end of the unit. We build upon children’s vocabulary each year when developing key skills within Geography.

Key Stage 1 Cycle A

What is my place like?

What is our country like?

Why is my world wonderful?

Key Stage 1 Cycle B

What can I find in my corner of the world?

Wherever next?

What might we see on holiday?

Lower Key Stage 2 Cycle A

We’ve got it all! Why is the North East special?

Is the UK the same everywhere?

What can we discover about Europe?

Lower Key Stage 2 Cycle B

Why do we have cities?

What happens when the land meets the sea?

Why does Italy shake and roar?

Upper Key Stage 2 Cycle A

Fantastic Forests – Why are they so important?

Where has my food come from?

Is North America just the USA?

Upper Key Stage 2 Cycle B

Destination Sao Paulo

Which fantastic journeys shape our world?

Useful websites

Here are some useful websites that you could explore at home to extend your Geography knowledge.

Whole School:



The Geography National Curriculum


Our Geography Learning



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